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Industry Solutions

Smart locker · solution
Smart locker
Smart locker
Smart lockers are an innovative product that combines modern technology. Through intelligent management and operation, they provide users with convenient solutions for storing and taking out items. This kind of smart lockers are not only widely used in pu
Typical application solutions
express cabinet
express cabinet
Express delivery is automatically received in the locker. After receiving the pickup code on your mobile phone, you can enter the pickup code on the touch screen of the express locker to pick up the parcel, or scan and pick up the parcel.
Product Features
  • Remote monitoring
    The background can remotely count data and manage items
  • Scan code with mobile phone
    Provide mobile phone scanning and pickup
  • face recognition
    Pickup available via facial recognition
Customized Services
Perfect service process and ingenious craftsmanship to create good products.
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