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Industry Solutions

Intelligent medical equipment industry · solution
Intelligent medical equipment industry
Intelligent medical equipment industry
Intelligent medical equipment refers to the integration of a variety of emerging technologies, such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, to apply functions such as information perception, data collection, communicat
Typical application solutions
The defibrillator is mainly composed of monitoring part, cardioversion machine, electrode plate, battery, HMI and other parts. An electrical cardioversion machine, also called a defibrillator, is the main equipment for performing electrical cardioversion.
Product Features
  • touch control
    Can issue instructions to the machine through HMI
  • Internet of things
    Through online query, both users and medical systems can query relevant information.
  • real time monitoring
    The patient's physical condition can be monitored in real time through HMI
Customized Services
Perfect service process and ingenious craftsmanship to create good products.
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