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What are the types of industrial control touch screen technologies?
2023/08/15 15:00:00 News Center

What are the types of industrial control touch screen technologies?

 Touch screens have gradually become extremely popular in our lives and are widely used in many fields, especially in industry. So what is a touch screen?

 What is a touch screen? How important is it?

  Touch screens have gradually become extremely popular in our daily lives, from mobile phones and computers to ATMs and automatic ticket machines. For special applications, touch screen technology can meet higher requirements for safety, protection, and reliability. in harsh environments.

 At present, touch screens are used in almost all fields, especially in the industrial field, and play a very important role. This is an indispensable device for the automation and modernization of production stages and processes in most fields. It can be said that the current success and development of modern industrial production is partly due to touch screen products.

 Popular touch screen technology

 The most popular touch screen technologies today can be:

Resistive touch screen

 5-wire resistive touch is the most commonly used touch technology today. Resistive touch screens are composed of glass panels and films. Each slice will be covered with a thin metal layer and separated by narrow gaps. When a user touches the screen, the two metal layers come into contact with each other and generate an electric current. The contacts will also be detected by this voltage change.

 Surface capacitive touch screen

Surface capacitive touch screens are the second most popular touch screens on the market today. This type of display consists of a transparent electrode layer placed on a glass plate and a protective cover. Every time your fingers touch the screen, they react quickly due to the body's electrostatic capacity, and some of that static electricity is also transferred from the screen to the user. Sensors located at the four corners of the display detect the decrease in capacitance and allow the controller to identify the contacts. Therefore, capacitive touch screens can only be activated when in contact with human skin or when a stylus is charged.

Projected capacitive touch screen

Projected capacitive is similar to surface capacitive, but has two other outstanding advantages:

 In addition to bare fingers, you can also wear surgical gloves or thin cotton gloves to activate the screen.

Capacitive touch screens also allow multi-touch activation (simultaneous input with two fingers).

Capacitive touch screens combine a glass plate embedded with a transparent electrode film and an IC chip to generate a three-dimensional electrostatic field. When a finger touches the screen, the current ratio changes rapidly and the computer can detect these contacts.

 Surface acoustic wave touch screen

Touchscreen SAW (surface acoustic wave) uses a series of piezoelectric transducers and receivers along the sides of the screen glass to create a network of ultrasonic waves on the surface. When in contact with the substrate, part of the wave will be absorbed. This allows the probe to locate the contact point and send that data to the computer. Additionally, the SAW display allows activation with your finger, gloves, or a soft-tip stylus. Therefore, SAW monitors will provide ease of use and excellent visibility.

Infrared touch screen (infrared touch)

Infrared touch screens use infrared transmitters and receivers to create a network of invisible light beams on the screen. This ensures the best image quality. The sensor can locate the contact point when an object blocks the invisible infrared beam.

 Customized needs

Hengtian Weiye is a professional touch screen customizer, providing size customization, system customization, parameter customization, frame customization, etc. For more information, please contact us.

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