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Application of industrial control touch screen integrated machine in air spring manufacturing indust
2023/08/15 11:14:00 News Center


This air suspension system is widely used in automobile and railway chassis, including high-speed and intercity trains, subways and trams.

High quality air springs provide damping by controlling vertical and horizontal movement. This provides comfort and stability to passengers and also helps reduce noise. To produce high-quality air springs, the manufacturer improved its operations by using industrial touchscreen all-in-one machines to provide visual data and facility monitoring throughout the manufacturing process.

Application of industrial control touch screen integrated machine in spring manufacturing:

 The air spring production process is affected by shock, high temperature and dusty environment. Operators often wear heavy-duty gloves to operate industrial touch-screen computers to control precise temperature and pressure changes during the rubber vulcanization process. Real-time production data will be generated instantly from the touch screen computer and sent to the factory management office. Factory managers can monitor production records and issues that may affect product quality.

Hengtian Weiye’s advantages in the industry with touch screen all-in-one machines

The vibration and impact resistance of Hengtian Weiye touch screen all-in-one machine has high vibration resistance (1.5G) and impact resistance (15G), which is convenient for deployment in harsh conditions and suitable for installation in installation spaces.

 Because operators need to wear work gloves to operate production equipment. Therefore, resistive touch screens are used to achieve smooth operation and provide resistance to liquids, dirt, and dust.

 And can operate stably under high and low temperatures (-20℃~70℃).

 For more technical questions, please contact us.

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