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What is an industrial touch screen computer?
2023/08/15 10:40:00 News Center

What is an industrial touch screen computer?

 Industrial touch screen computers are considered a specialized system that can run continuously 24/7 to ensure that mechanical systems are always running continuously according to the needs of users, manufacturers, machines, enterprises. Industrial touch screen computers are designed to withstand harsh environments, such as high temperature environments, dusty or even humid environmental conditions, strong vibration/shock, unstable power supply, etc.

 How was the industrial touch screen computer invented?

Industrial touch screen computers have grown since the 1990s as automation companies tended to design software that could emulate PLCs running on personal computer platforms. Initially, using industrial computers for such automation applications in an industrial environment was unreliable, and continued to encounter stability issues due to a mismatch between operating system performance and computers.

Later, however, industrial touch screen computers were increasingly designed in accordance with industry standards and used more stable operating systems. In addition, there are many manufacturers that already build their own industrial computers. The real-time operating system kernel allows automation applications and operating system applications to run completely independently, so they can implement application-specific elements.

 Why should you buy an industrial touch screen computer? What are the benefits of industrial touch screen computers?

 Industrial touch screen computers include many different types. However, the most typical industrial computers are still touch screen industrial computers and fanless industrial computers. Let’s take a look at why you should buy both types of computers and the benefits they bring.

 Industrial touch screen computers.

– Industrial computers feature a rugged design, from the technology inside to the outer shell.

- Allows for flexible expansion and upgrades, ensuring that all user needs are met.

– This machine has faster processing times, better multi-tasking capabilities, and is suitable for automated production lines.

– Touch screen industrial computers have a touch screen that allows the user to easily operate and understand all the functions of the machine.

 – Full-featured, high-efficiency, and stable.

 Fanless industrial computer.

˜Specially designed to achieve uninterrupted continuous operation.

 Provide an enabling environment to maintain applications that require stability.

 Fanless industrial PCs are configured with the latest and most advanced generations of products.

It is also capable of operating in temperatures from -20 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius.

 Quiet, gentle operation, no annoying noise

 This machine is equipped with a direct radiator to maintain a stable temperature for the CPU.

Fanless industrial computer

  The screen of the industrial control touch screen all-in-one machine supports customization, the outer frame supports customization, and the parameters can be modified, etc. The system can be Android/Linux/Hongmeng/Ubuntu. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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